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Having a good solution how to get from A to B and C etc. is the key for unforegettable sightseeing holiday in India. Also having a good choice of clean and quiet hotels where you can rest after an eventful day.

Travellers would like to see a lot of places in less time; understandable but not really advisable due to the poor road conditions in India.

When you have only two or three weeks time to visit India, you should look for a good solution for organisation and transportation during your stay in India.

Recommendations and advises are based on our own experiences and good memories. Personally, I do not have any professional or commercial interest; I am not a travel agency. I love India and I want that travellers return home with unforgettable and good memories and share their feelings to relatives, friends and other people.

In case you want my advise, please give me a feedback and I will share my own experience with you. After your trip I would appreciate your sharing of your experiences with me.
This is my e-mail: Schneider.Albert[at]

What are your options?

Do you prefer travelling within a group or individually with your partner or friend?

Do you need an all-round carefree package of a local travel agency in your country or can you trust the hospitality of an Indian driver and tour guide?

If your decision is for an Indian driver and tour guide, I have a good recommendation for you.

I can look back to over 30 years experience in which I trusted the Indian hospitality. I have only good memories and I was closer to the country and its people.

Anita Tours India - Bangali and family 2011
2011 - Bangalis family; from right to left: Anita, Priya, Bangali and myself.

1983 and 1987 I firstly visited India. In February 2011 I got to know Anita Tours India through a recommendation out of I called the provider in Switzerland and followed his recommendation.
My personal conclusion: Anita Tours India fulfilled all their commitments, the tour was without any problems, we had enough time to see all places of interest, also those off the beaten track. Hotels suggested by Bangali were clean, quiet and cheaper than offered on the hotels own webpage

The hospitality from Anita, Bangali and daughter Priya is honest and heartfelt.
Since 2011 I am visiting India every year between February and March for about 4 weeks. Certainly I met Anita, Bangali and Priya in Delhi every year. We build up a good bound of friendship.
When travelling with Bangali and his driver colleagues you can trust the hospitality and an Indian all-round carefree package.


Anita Tours India is small family business in Delhi.
Bangali and his driver colleagues are experts for individual travelling within North India such as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (Agra und Varanasi), Madhya Pradesh (Khajuraho und Orchha), Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana und Uttarakhand.
They know a lot of people, hotels and restaurants and all places of interest, also off the beaten track.


housewife and mother of Priya, from Bangali affectionately called "Lakshmi".
Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty.
Anita is answering all e-mail requests, is monitoring all appointments and prepares a delicious meal to all guests.


He is the manager. Bangali arranges for all guests the pick up service from Delhi airport, is answering all big and small questions and is instructing the drivers on guests wishes and expectations.
Indian hospitality: mandatory is an invitation for lunch or dinner in his home.
In case of any questions or problems, please call him directly.


Anita Tours India - daughter Priya 2012 Priya, the daughter of Anita and Bangali, is attending school and shaved her hair completely in February 2012. Also Indian girls have crazy ideas; meanwhile, I saw her in 2013 and 2014, hair is growing again.

Anita Tours India - Priya, Anita and Albert 2014 2014 - Priya, Anita and I

The drivers

The drivers are relatives, friends or colleagues. Bangali and Anita known them for many years. Harish, Rakesh, Rajendra, Surendra and all the others are English speaking, trustworthy and reliable.

Service offerd by ANITA TOURS INDIA

Hospitality, confidence, reliability, honourableness, safety in driving and maximum on flexibility. <

You can trust to their e-mail or commitment by phone, which are binding in all respects. You can be confident that agreed travel expenses will not be changed and advance payments for accommodation will be correctly accounted.

Reliability! Pick up from airport or hotel and drop at tour end will be arranged on time.
All Conditions and financial arrangements will be kept carefully.

Honourableness! Anita Tours India business concept is rental of driver and car!
You have the choice to book accommodation by yourself or the driver will take you to hotels he can recommend. If you want, your accommodation can be arranged at fair conditions. Guests will participate on discount agreements with the hotel.
No stop at souvenir shops, unless you want to visit them. The driver will not take you to shops (sometime usual by low-price competitors) which you do not want to visit, to receive commissions on your bargain.

Transparency! The car rental price is transparent and easy to calculate.
You have the choice to pay a flat rate per day (including unlimited mileage) or price per km.
The tour price include fuel, all kind of street and state taxes, tolls, parking fees, car and driver accommodation and his food.
Start or end should be always in Delhi. If the start or end is outside Delhi, a one-way-fee will be applicable.
No hidden cost.

Safety first! Your safety has always first priority.
There will be no risky overtaking manoeuvres as shown on the picture.

Anita Tours India, Your safety has always first priority, no risky overtaking manoeuvres - Indian traffic

Consumer satisfaction is also top priority for Anita und Bangali. Your driver will be available to you around the clock. He will show you nice restaurants for dinner.

Flexibility! Your tour is totally flexible and can vary at any time to your special needs. You can also shorten or extend the tour. It is your decision how long you will stay at any place.
If you want an early termination of your tour you will only pay for the travelled days and, if applicable, the one-way-fee back to Delhi.

Hospitality! Indian hospitality is sensational!
You will arrive as guest and leave as a friend.

Price! Yes, you will find cheaper offers. If they are really cheaper, you will find out at the end of your tour. One opportunity for driver to receive extra income is to take guests to souvenir shops. This is not business model from Anita Tours India.
Please consider that fuel is all over the world expensive. Tolls, street taxes, parking fees, driver's accommodation and food have to be added and are included in the daily flat rate.
Tip should be between 5 and 10 percent of the agreed total travelling price.

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